Basalt Exhaust Insulation Sleeves Oct 30, 2020
Basalt exhaust insulation sleeves provide excellent thermal protection and possess outstanding characteristics making them ideal for use in vehicle exhausts systems. Exhaust insulation sleeves are designed to help keep exhaust gases as hot as possible as they flow through the exhaust to catalytic converters, this increases burn efficiency and helps to reduce emissions.

Withstands operating temperature up to +650°C (+1202°F)
Peak temperature +750°C (+1382°F)
Excellent thermal insulation – reduces radiant heat approx. 50%
3mm extra thick material, heavy duty
ABSORBS heat, yet woven design allows hot components to cool-down
Impervious to moisture
Extremely flexible at all temperatures - conforms to component
Low profile & lightweight
Perfect for heat control over sidepipes, turbo down-pipes, or ANY pipes undercar
Heat control for racing applications

Braided Basalt exhaust insulation sleeve and knitted Basalt exhaust insulation sleeve upon request.

Exhaust Insulation SleevesExhaust Insulation Sleeves

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