BSTFLEX protection products protect components from the damaging effects of high heat, external abrasion, direct flame, and molten metal splash. Many products provide thermal insulation, which minimizes heat loss, reduces surface temperature, and protects personnel from injury caused by heated systems. Our customer service team is available to provide worldwide support for products, applications, packaging, and shipment.

Many materials can be choiced, fiberglass, basalt fiber, silica fiber, aramid 1414, aramid 1313, ceramic fiber, polyester, polyamide, polypropylene 
Coatings include Silicone Rubber, Vermiculite, Graphite, PTFE, Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Film, Stainless Steel.
Products include Sleeves, Tapes, Ropes, Fabric, Cloth, Insulation, Adhesives, Sealants, Fire Stops, Gaskets, Tadpole Tapes. 
Fabricated items include engine exhaust blankets, machinery and equipment covers, welding curtains, kneeling pads, pillows.

Our skilled logistics department has experience shipping around the world and is happy to work with your freight forwarder, or carriers of your choice, to ensure simple, accurate, and low-cost shipping for any size order. Most special packaging, labeling, and documentation can be accommodated to make the shipping and receiving process simple. We understand that international shipments travel a great distance, so we take care to use durable containers made from quality materials that conform to global environmental standards.

Contact us today, via email at sales@bstbraidedsleeve.com, or via telephone at 0086-15856303740.

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